Meet Ciaran.

Ciaran is originally from a shelter in San Bernardino California, he and his dog family (mom and sister) moved to Vancouver when he was 7 or 8 weeks old where all 3 of them were adopted by local families. Because he is a rescue we do not know his ancestry/what he is a mix of, but he is highly intelligent (and looks like Toto) so we think he is probably part terrier.

Ciaran’s hobbies include playing at local beaches, hiking Grouse or Seymour on a weekly basis with his big dog friends, and chasing small animals. His dislikes include rain, being groomed, cats, and obnoxious puppies (he is more into human babies). Despite his active lifestyle, Ciaran is a laid-back and relaxed guy most of the time. He enjoys meeting new people, going for drives, and napping.